Alejandra Chumbes,
University of San Francisco School of Law

Why did you choose to summer at McDermott:

I chose to be a summer at McDermott because I really enjoyed the friendly conversations that I had with the people I interviewed with. I could tell that they would be great mentors. I also admired how one of the partners I wanted to speak with went out of her way to meet with me on an early Saturday morning.

I am glad I chose to be a summer at McDermott; I got paired with great attorneys and have learned so much from them. It has been a great experience overall.

What’s the most interesting assignment you’ve worked on?

I witnessed how litigation works from discovery to mediation. I shadowed a Plaintiff’s deposition and was asked to research and assess whether the Plaintiff’s testimony could support a constructive discharge claim. It was exciting to see the attorneys use my research in the mediation brief.

I also attended the mediation and saw the dynamic between the partner, the mediator and client. It was also interesting to see the communication happening behind the scenes between the associates and the partner as to strategy. It was an invaluable experience, and I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to participate.

What was your favorite thing about summering at McDermott?

I really enjoyed the summer associate retreat in Chicago. I had a great time meeting the other summer associates in different offices.

The negotiations training was extremely insightful, and I appreciated the mock negotiation that the instructor facilitated.

I enjoyed the river cruise that we went on; the food, views and vibes were amazing. My favorite part of the whole summer retreat was the team building experience on the last day. It was very funny to see all the summer associates from different offices try to complete the game tasks assigned to us. It was a fun time!