Dane Chapman,
University of Miami School of Law

Why did you choose to summer at McDermott?

As a first-generation law student, my knowledge of law firms was limited to what I read and heard from others. Yet, when I encountered McDermott during my initial interview and follow-ups, it resonated with everything I’d learned about.

The decision to spend my summer at McDermott wasn’t simply a professional choice; it felt personal, almost instinctive. The firm’s culture, the remarkable people, and the welcoming atmosphere, all contributed to this.

While it may sound cliché, my experiences have only solidified the glowing commendations I’d read about McDermott. It isn’t just a great place to work, it feels like where I’m meant to be.

What’s the most interesting assignment you’ve worked on? 

The most interesting assignment I got to work on was drafting corporate practice of medicine documents. This task required me to draft four crucial documents used in healthcare transactions. Using a precedent, I drafted the necessary provisions and tailored the agreements to the transaction I was working on.

At first, the legal nuances of healthcare transactions appeared complex to me. But as I delved into each individual document, the larger picture of how healthcare transactions work began to emerge.

I didn’t just learn to draft these documents, but I began to grasp the mechanics of healthcare transactions, their structure, and functioning. This newfound understanding was a priceless gain for me.

What was your favorite thing about summering at McDermott?

My favorite aspect of my summer at McDermott was undoubtedly the people.

The entire team, spanning all offices, exuded an authenticity and warm camaraderie that made every interaction enjoyable.

Regardless of their position, whether a senior partner or a first-year associate, everyone extended their willingness to elucidate complex concepts, or simply engage in casual conversation.