Richard Evans,
Temple University E. Beasley School of Law

Why did you choose to summer at McDermott:

While I was interviewing last summer, I found it hard to differentiate between the many different law firms. When I interviewed with McDermott, I felt the people I met with really cared about their work, enjoyed the people they worked with, and were appreciated for their efforts.

Everyone seemed so genuine, and I got along with them so well, so it seemed like a perfect fit. My experiences this summer have only reinforced my feelings about the great people here.

What’s the most interesting assignment you’ve worked on?

The most interesting assignment I got to work on this summer was a copyright pro bono case. A nonprofit was getting sued for unknowingly using a song that wasn’t public and didn’t have the resources to fully defend against it.

We were able to get the complaint dismissed early on, a huge win for the nonprofit. I was tasked with doing some case law research and looking into other ways that we could help get the motion dismissed.

I learned a lot about the early stages of litigation, and it was amazing to give back to the community.

What was your favorite thing about summering at McDermott?

That’s a really tough question between all of the fun summer events and great food we’ve gotten to eat.

I would have to say the summer associate retreat to Chicago was my favorite. It was awesome getting to meet summers from all the other offices.

We got to bowl and play Whirly Ball (a game I’d never heard of) at the big game night the first night, along with having a full spread of tasty appetizers and food. The following night we had a riverboat dinner cruise through Chicago, making for a perfect ending to the trip.